kettle corn

The ultimate recipe

Make colored sugar

Kettle corn popcorn is more than just Skittles in a pan. For the best colored popcorn, use dyed white sugar. 

loose popcorn kernels - any brand of uncooked popcorn kernels work great.  granulated white sugar–the white sugar pops with the popcorn coating the newly popped corn in the best sugary taste  gel food coloring – Use a variety of gel food colors for magical popcorn! vegetable oil –  Vegetable oil is the best oil that keeps the flavor on the sweet and salty popcorn. Just like the fair!


TikTok def floated around some massive viral videos that portrayed using skittles in popcorn for perfect colored popcorn.  Dumping a bag of skittles in a hot greased pan will result in a goopy brown mess as the colors combine and the sugar quickly burns.  We recommend that you use this method for a frustration free way to make the most perfect RAINBOW popcorn! 


Make colored sugar.  Warm and test skillet or deep pan.  Once ready, add oil, unpopped kernels, and colored sugar.  Pop, cool, and eat! For more tips on storage, working with sugar, and safety, please scroll up!

RAINBOW Kettle Corn