The ultimate CHEESY recipe

This recipe BURSTS with flavor!

Smothered in meat sauce, baked with a huge cheesy top layer and served along side the best side dishes ever, baked ziti will keep you full for days.

Ziti Pasta Sausage or Ground Beef Seasonings: Garlic, Italian Seasoning Onion Powder Sauce and LOTS OF CHEESE!


Top layers on casseroles are so appetizing and delicious with that cheesy browned cheese topping. Just melting regular cheese on top will result in…well…melted cheese. If you want a brown layer, use the broiler. Please note that walking away from a broiler is not advised. Broilers more quite quickly and they can go from browned cheese to burned if not careful. 

Brown the Cheese! 

Just like a classic lasagna, vegetables can be a great addition to Baked Ziti, making it healthier while also bulking it up.   Try adding:  – Bell pepper – Onion – Fresh Basil